Vaccine Injury & Adverse Effects – What You Can Do

Vaccine Injury & Adverse Effects:
What You Can Do

Veronica Haupt Holistic Healer

Veronica Haupt is a holistic health practitioner, psychotherapist, researcher and author. She’s taken over 250 clients through healing journeys, with 1000+ healing sessions under her belt. She’s worked with conditions as diverse as depression, anxiety, epilepsy, brain fog, cancer, autoimmune disease, pain, migraines, asthma and more.

As reports of more and more vaccine injuries and adverse reactions to the COVID-19 experimental vaccines come out, there is an urgent need for vaccine injury solutions. 

Individual vaccine injuries vary. This is because each person has their own ‘biochemical individuality’, which means that everybody will react to the vaccine ingredients differently. This will be influenced by your health history, the toxins your body is already carrying, your nutrient intake, your individual disease propensities and even your emotional state.

The action of mRNA vaccines is not yet fully understood. However, what cannot be doubted is that it works at the level of our DNA. This may have severe consequences, for which we are little prepared. Until an antidote is discovered or released, the best we can do is support the body. Luckily, there are things we can do to counter vaccine injuries. There are also little-known healing substances, that work at the cellular level and can help alleviate vaccine injuries.

My recommendations for anyone trying to recover from vaccine injuries and adverse effects

  1. Change your mindset. Your body has been infected with potentially lethal poison. You have to face this, and react accordingly – and QUICKLY!
  2. Realise that mainstream medicine is likely not going to be able to help. Keep looking for alternative ways of healing yourself.
  3. Treat a vaccine injury holistically. Yes, your symptoms may be showing up as a skin rash, swelling, headaches or body aches. Because the vaccines insert code into your DNA, this is a ‘body-wide’ issue
  4. To start, you are going to need to clean up your health as quickly as possible, and provide your body with support as it tries to heal itself. Here’s how: 
    • A clean, plant-based diet. This means lots of fresh, organic fruit and vegetables, with some organic, grass-fed meat (very lightly cooked); raw eggs if you eat them (yes, not cooked), raw milk if you can tolerate it. Eliminate pasteurized milk and any other dairy products. No wheat, gluten or fast food. No sugar, no refined starch, no coffee, no alcohol – nothing that puts strain on the liver. Pulses if they suit you. Avoid seafood altogether (our oceans are, sadly, a dumping ground for garbage, heavy metals, sewerage, chemicals, industrial and nuclear waste. These are all present in the seafood we consume.) As each person is different, there is no one ‘correct’ diet. Work with a nutritionist if you can, to determine what is right for your biochemical individuality. 
    • Do a liver cleanse as soon as possible. Your liver is the main organ of detoxification. If you have symptoms like rashes, breathing difficulty, headaches, sweating or any other symptom of toxicity, it means that your body is trying to purge. Where possible, get off all prescription drugs. These all have petrochemicals as their base, which are highly toxic and put strain on your liver. Your liver needs support and rest so that it can do its job. However, if your diet is full of junk food and anti-nutrients, and you are not prepared to clean it up, don’t waste your time doing a liver cleanse.
    • Heal your gut. What you are doing by healing your gut is giving your body the best chance to heal itself. The immune system and gut are intricately intertwined. Healing your gut is the cornerstone of good health. 
    • Do a heavy metal detox. We all carry toxic heavy metals in our bodies. The vaccines may also contain mercury. They all contain PEG (polyethylene glycol), which is a petrochemical-based toxin. Only do a heavy metal detox after a liver cleanse, as your liver has to be in tiptop condition and your bile ducts clear, to handle the heavy metals coming out of your tissues. You can however do this simultaneously with the gut healing protocol. 
    • Do a parasite cleanse. Most people are carrying parasites in their gut that are compromising their health. When you’re suffering from a vaccine injury, these are going to hamper your immune system’s efforts to recover. Remember, we are trying to increase your overall health baseline so that your body has the best chance of healing itself.
  5. In conjunction with improving your overall ‘health baseline’, consider the following healing substances. Almost all of them have been under attack by the mainstream media; some are even banned in certain countries. Whenever a natural healing substance is vilified, that’s always a sign to look deeper. There is a reason Big Pharma doesn’t want you to know about them: they are inexpensive and effective. The pharmaceutical companies don’t want ANY competition to their harmful drugs. 
    • DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide), in conjunction with TMG (trimethylglycine). This may help to heal DNA, and therefore can benefit anybody who has been vaccinated or has vaccine injuries. Take it for any vaccine-injury -related symptom. It can also be applied topically for skin rashes. Read more here about DMSO and how to use it for vaccine injury recovery.  
    • Chlorine dioxide solution. This delivers oxygen to cell mitochondria and the blood, which prevents clotting. If your symptoms are fatigue, blood clotting, body aches, headaches, chills and fevers, this is essential. It can also be applied topically for skin rashes, on its own or combined with DMSO. Read more about chlorine dioxide here
    •  GcMAF (Gc-protein- derived Macrophage Activating Factor). GcMAF is a human protein that occurs naturally in our bodies. As a  supplement, it replaces all missing parts of the immune system. It helps regrow dendrites (the branch-like extensions to our nerve cells that help our cells communicate with each other). Mercury destroys dendrites. GcMAF has had remarkable results in healing cancer (it re-normalizes cancer cells), chronic fatigue, autoimmune conditions and even autism. It is extremely effective in any condition related to immune system dysfunction. Consider taking if your symptoms are fatigue, aches of any kind, tremors or dizziness, neurological issues and enlarged lymph nodes. As more information comes to light about the action of the vaccines in spike protein production, and how this may over-stimulate the immune system, this may be a powerful protection and regulator for all vaccinated individuals. Go here for more information on GcMAF’s action in the body. Leading GcMAF researcher and molecular biologist Marco Ruggiero has developed a product even more effective than GcMAF – for more information and to buy Imuno®, go here. (Unfortunately, GcMAF and Imuno may be prohibitively expensive for some.)
    • Anti-inflammatory supplements. One of the common vaccine injuries is an inflammatory response in the body, so consider taking natural anti-inflammatories. Vitamin D – essential for immunity, inflammation and brain health (most people are deficient, but have your levels checked if you are concerned about overdose); omega-3’s and glutathione are my top recommendations for general inflammation in the body. Turmeric can also be taken for its anti-inflammatory action.   
  6. Reduce your electromagnetic frequency exposure. If the vaccines contain nanoparticles, as many suspect, these particles act as mini-transmitters of electrical pulses. These electrical impulses emit signals that are disruptive to anyone within range (bear in mind that we have our own electrical circuit running through our body – disruption of this is known to cause health issues). We are bombarded by EMF’s from mobile phones and towers, electricity meters, ‘dirty’ electricity and many other sources. 
  7. Deal with emotional and spiritual aspects. We are holistic beings and healing needs to take place on every level. Fear, anger, bitterness and unforgiveness have enormously detrimental effects on human health. Healing these emotions, and getting on a spiritual path, are an essential part of healing.
  8. Alternative healing modalities. Work with a reiki practitioner, reflexologist, lymph drainage massage therapist, etc. These modalities are very supportive of the body and assist with healing at a deep level.

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