(The Terrain Model of Health and Disease by Veronica Haupt is due for publication by early 2022.
Follow me as I write my book – this short synopsis gives a summary.)

Veronica Haupt Holistic Healer

Veronica Haupt is a holistic health practitioner, psychotherapist, researcher and author. She’s taken over 250 clients through healing journeys, with 1000+ healing sessions under her belt. She’s worked with conditions as diverse as depression, anxiety, epilepsy, brain fog, cancer, autoimmune disease, pain, migraines, asthma and more. This is her second book on health.

For most people (as it was for me), it will come as a big surprise to find out that much of what we think we know about health and disease, is completely inaccurate! 

We generally don’t stop to think about this. Why should we – that’s what doctors are for, right? But what if I told you that even doctors have it wrong? For over 100 years, they’ve been taught the ‘germ theory’ of disease. All medical teaching is based on this theory. But if you base something on an incorrect assumption, everything that follows will be flawed. 

No wonder, then, that the state of our collective health is what it is! And no wonder the world has been held to ransom by a virus – economies ruined, debt at unprecedented levels, people’s livelihood destroyed. 

We can no longer afford to be ignorant about health and disease. Our future and our freedom depends on as many people as possible, having this knowledge. Remember, knowledge is power! Power to you, and to your family. 

My intention is not to bash doctors. However, they are trained as doctors of medicine, as their title indicates – MD = Medical Doctor. The bulk of med school training concerns the many different pharmaceutical drugs: their action in the body, their interactions with other drugs, and what to prescribe for what condition. Very little is taught about nutrition or the effects of external toxins on the human body; and nothing about the impact of trauma and emotions on health! 

What happens when you go to your doctor? He or she gives you a script for a drug. Seldom do doctors ask about the diet, lifestyle, toxic overload or emotional state of their patients. We absolutely must break our reverence for ‘doctors in their white coats’, which most of society is programmed into. If you are a doctor, this is not meant personally. But we do need to examine the system and why it has happened this way, if there’s any hope of learning the truth. It is a system of disease management, not health!

The Terrain Model of Health and Disease

The more I researched, the more compelled I felt to write a book on this subject. Yes there are other books, and several articles online. The one book that stands out as the most comprehensive, What Really Makes You Ill?: Why Everything You Thought You Knew About Disease Is Wrong (2019) is superb – but at 788 pages, most people just don’t have the time to get through it! And while articles are useful, they don’t give the depth that’s needed. My aim for this book is for it to be accessible to everyone.

Below is a short synopsis of some of the things you’ll discover. You’ll find all the research to back up everything, as I write.

The ‘Germ Theory’ of disease

All current medical training is based on something called the ‘germ theory’. However,  this theory has NEVER BEEN PROVEN – to this day, it is still only a theory! In fact, it has been disproven countless times. 

The basis of the ‘germ theory’ is: 

  • Illness and disease are caused by viruses, germs, bacteria, fungi etc. 
  • These enter your body from the outside, through breathing, eating or drinking, through cuts or scratches on your body, through transmission from others, or from the bites or stings of animals. 
  • Each disease is a distinct entity that can be identified by ‘unique symptoms’ it produces in the body.
  • You have to ‘kill’ these viruses or germs through taking various forms of prescription drugs – which are otherwise harmful to the body.
  • Sometimes the germ or virus cannot be destroyed, so you have to just manage symptoms of your illness through medicine – often for life. 

Initial Flaws In The Theory

  1. One of the first clues that this theory is faulty, is that the medical establishment admits to not actually knowing the cause of many common illnesses. Try searching on the well-known site, WebMD for causes of conditions like asthma, migraines, cancer, depression or arthritis. Or even ask your doctor! 
  2. Pharmaceutical drugs never remove the cause of the condition. In fact, medicines often exacerbate the condition. Or at the very least, cause a host of other symptoms that are cleverly called ‘side effects’ to disguise the fact that they’re actually causing harm. 
  3. Often, the ‘side effects’ of the drugs are worse than the symptoms of the illness itself. Further symptoms then need further drugs to manage these. That’s why so many people end up on multiple drugs to ‘treat’ one condition. 
  4. Many diseases in this model are claimed to be incurable. Medicines can only manage the symptoms of the condition. If it was all down to germs, this would not be the case. Eliminate the germ, and the disease will be cured, right? 
  5. Many diseases, cancer being a prime example, are ‘cured’ by the current model of chemotherapy and radiation – only to return months or at most, a couple of years after remission, after which the patient usually dies quite quickly. Even doctors who prescribe chemotherapy admit (sometimes) that at best, it will give the patient a few more months to live than they would otherwise. (Unfortunately, the patient’s quality of life in these last remaining months is severely compromised.)
  6. The definition of poison is any substance that irritates, damages, or impairs the activity of the body’s tissues. All chemicals do this. 99% of medicines have petroleum-based chemicals as their base, which are known to be harmful to human health. Why, then, are we using these to so-called ‘cure’ illness? 
  7. Logically, if the ‘germ theory’ was true – either we would have killed most harmful germs by now and have thriving health (clearly not the case, as chronic conditions are on the rise worldwide); or the germs would have wiped us all out. 

We are looking in the wrong place for the cause of disease! 

The Terrain Model Of Disease

This is a brief synopsis of the terrain model: 

  • The human body is host to millions of species of bacteria. These bacteria work together to keep us in a balanced state of health. (Knowledge of this is growing – for example, the ‘gut microbiome’ has recently started gaining a lot of awareness.)
  • Viruses are proteins – they are not living organisms that can float through the air, or get passed on from one person to another. THEY CANNOT MUTATE.
  • They are produced by the body when the other lines of defense against illness fail. The first lines of defence are our gut, organs of elimination including the liver, kidneys, skin, lungs, glands etc. 
  • The second line of defense is bacteria (bacteria are our friends!).
  • Bacteria, fungi and viruses are not harmful germs ‘out to get us’, as we’ve been taught. They are actually helpers. They consume toxins and dead tissue destroyed by toxins, as well as their byproducts, in our body. They are the clean-up crews from our unhealthy habits – or from damage done by external toxins we don’t even know we’re consuming.
  • Bacteria are polymorphic – i.e., they have the ability to change form. If a bacteria is not able to deal with a toxin, or damaged or dead tissue, it morphs into a fungus. If this cannot deal with the toxin, viruses are produced by these bacteria
  • When the toxins are too overwhelming, they manufacture viruses (protein particles), to encapsulate the toxins. These little ‘envelopes’ of toxins are then removed from the body via mucus, which gives them a smooth passage out. 
  • Disease cannot be passed between species – this is physically impossible

WHY was the germ theory promoted so heavily? 

As with many things, the answer lies in FOLLOWING THE MONEY.

Who profits most from the germ theory? The pharmaceutical and medical industries. 

Here are some of the ways these industries make money off the ‘germ theory’:

  • Because the germ theory says that each specific illness is caused by a different, specific ‘germ’, there are over 24,000 lab-produced drugs to treat illnesses. This amounts to billions of pills and potions a year.
  • The global vaccine industry is worth over $50 billion a year (without the COVID vaccines, which alone are expected to be over $10 billion a year)! 
  • It costs between $15 million to $1 billion per drug to obtain FDA approval. 
  • Add to this the production and distribution costs of all these medicines.
  • The side-effects of each medication means more prescriptions are given to manage the side-effects. This equals more money for the drug manufacturers. 
  • Entire industries have been created to support this: a huge network of specialties in various diseases; hospitals; medical insurance schemes; liability insurance; malpractice costs etc. The revenue generated by these industries is enormous. 

There are over 128,000 deaths per year and 1.9 million hospitalizations from the side effects of prescribed drugs. Not surprising when these drugs are all made using toxic processes, and very often from substances that are toxic themselves.

“Had it not been for the mass selling of vaccines, Pasteur’s germ theory of disease would have collapsed into obscurity.”  

– E. Douglas Hume, written in 1923. 

 Here is more of what I cover in depth, in the book:

  • Koch’s Postulates – 4 statements of fact accepted to this day by the medical industry. Not one of them holds true in the germ theory.
  • The origin of the germ theory and the terrain model
  • Original science behind the terrain model
  • The beauty and simplicity of the terrain model
  • The flawed theory and history of vaccines
  • The truth about smallpox, rabies, polio and other diseases that were supposedly ‘cured’ through vaccination. Here’s a taste:
    • Smallpox began to disappear as living conditions improved. As 21st century humans, the living conditions in London and other British cities in the 18th and 19th centuries is hard to imagine! Think raw sewerage running in the streets; the stink of not properly buried dead bodies hanging in the air; piles of rubbish left for the rains to deposit in the rivers; a diet of meat and bread; stuffy indoor living with a belief that fresh air was bad! 
    • The smallpox vaccine was eventually banned from use by the government, as it was causing smallpox!
    • ‘Rabies’, as with smallpox, was never isolated as a virus. We’ll look at how a mass vaccination program came about, who was responsible and the damaging effects on the animals treated. 
    • The rabid condition exhibited by a very small number of animals, can easily be explained. It was (and is) a condition mostly seen in winter. When dogs cannot get fresh grass to eat, and they get worms, they exhibit the behaviour of a rabid dog: refusal to drink water, running in circles, drooling and ‘mad’ behaviour caused by the worms in their digestive system. They seek out fresh grass to get rid of the worms. Fresh grass is often difficult to find in winter. Once dewormed, they no longer exhibit rabid behaviour. 
    • Polio has been directly linked to the use of DDT as a crop spray. DDT is highly toxic and causes neurological disorders. Children used to play in the spray as crops were sprayed! Compare that to images of today’s crop sprayers, dressed in Hazmat suits. 
  • The true origin of diseases claimed to be transmitted by animals, insects etc. 
  • The cruel and largely unnecessary practice of animal experimentation. We have been torturing and killing vast numbers of animals in the name of science – all because of the germ theory!
  • What ‘laboratory science’ really is and how it has contributed to a false understanding of disease.
  • Over 15 reasons why (and how) the ‘germ theory’ has been encouraged.
  • How to treat disease without harmful pharmaceutical drugs.
  • The key missing factor in treating chronic illness, that almost all doctors and practitioners overlook.

Just 2 quotes for contemplation…

“The major contributing factor toward improved health over the past 200 years has been improved nutrition. Nearly 90% of the total decline in the death rate in children between 1860 and 1965 due to whooping cough, scarlet fever, diphtheria and measles occurred before the introduction of antibiotics and widespread immunization against diphtheria” (Dr. D. Powles, 1973).

‘Of scientific basis or justification for the practice there is none, and the history of vaccination is the record of a superstitious rite pursued by a series of methods each in turn abandoned when experience proved its danger, and presenting a trail of extravagant claims not one of which has stood the test of time” – Dr. Beddow Bayly 1936

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