Release Your True Self

You’re the Hero You’ve Been Waiting For

Release Your True Self So YOU Can Change The World

Inside every one of us is a Being of such tremendous potential that the very universe celebrated when you were born.

There’s something in you that knows that too, at a very deep level.

The world we’ve grown up in has done its best to keep that Being suppressed – to such an extent that we don’t even know it ourselves.

If we ever catch a glimpse of it, there are enough people around us, enough ‘society norms’ and rules and expectations, that we collude in instantly squashing it.

That Being is infinitely wise. 

It knows exactly what needs to be done, and how to do it – 

with action that feels effortless, peaceful.

You know you’re not hearing that voice if whatever you’re doing is not flowing

It feels like hard work. Constant striving.

It never seems to work out like you’d hoped, no matter how much time and effort you put in. 

You’ve started to doubt your ability to identify the ‘ring of truth’ anymore… your own judgement.

Another sign of not being in tune with your Being is a constant, low-grade negative feeling that you can’t quite put your finger on. 

Mostly, you don’t even admit it’s there.

You keep busy with massive action, convincing yourself that it’s ‘the right thing to do’. 

But your busy-ness is actually to silence that subtle uncomfortable feeling, deep inside.

If you can’t hear that voice, in my experience, it’s because there’s something in the way. 

That ‘something’ can be one thing, or a whole bunch of them!

What’s Really Blocking You?

Here are some of those things that block people from discovering their True Self, stepping into Divine Flow – and releasing unlimited power:

  •  Not having healed from personal trauma (as far back as in the womb)
  • A neglected inner child – not being in touch with your inner thoughts, emotions and desires
  • Wounding from the masculine and/or feminine figures in your life, including the false polarity (‘war of the sexes’) we’ve accepted  
  • Limiting personal beliefs and fears, about yourself, others or the world – including the ultimate fear, that of death
  • Karma and repeating patterns of behaviour, or even situations and relationships
  • An out-of-balance ego, also known as being tied to ‘your story
  • Subconscious ties and contracts you’ve made throughout your life, that are causing limitations you just can’t break through
  • Regret, or unforgiveness to yourself for ‘mistakes’ you’ve made, resulting in a dislike or unacceptance of yourself in some way
  • Holding grudges or hatred towards others (people or systems) 

All of these leave you with a deep feeling of dis-ease in your being. 

And if you want to heal the world, starting with yourself is the most powerful thing you can do.


Because Your Emotions Are Creating Your Reality!

Our emotions create an energetic vibration that extends from our body as an electromagnetic field. 

This is created in the crystine technology of the pineal gland, and projected from our heart. 

It is this field that creates our external reality.

We see this all the time in what happens to us. 

We all know of someone who is terrified of a certain thing – and then that exact thing happens to them! 

When you have a constant, nagging low-grade feeling (that you mostly deny or suppress) – guess what is being pushed out into your field of resonance?

No wonder whatever you’re doing, just never quite seems to be the success you’re hoping for. 

When our emotions are stable, we can hold the core of Who We Are

We achieve a state of inner cohesion between our brain and our heart. 

If we’re cohesive, our emotions work for us in a system of code, in our vibrational field.

Our emotions become a guidance system, instead of something that controls us.

We are far more able to create, and hold, our intention

We feel this as a deep sense of Knowing.

Compare this inner Knowing, to our emotions flying all over the place, out of control! 

If we want to change the world, the most powerful thing we can do right now is hold a cohesion of thought, feeling and intention for the future of the planet. 

This is true creation in action!

Where To Now?

Most of us have a lifetime of wounding that’s actually the source of most of what, and how, we feel and think.

These start in patterns of survival developed through our childhood blueprint, that are reinforced through years of thinking and feeling a certain way.

 Like a line drawn in wet cement, that gets drawn deeper with each additional event, that’s hardened by the time we reach adulthood.

The patterns become a self-fulfilling prophecy and we get trapped in repeating relationships and situations.

Not realizing that WE are creating it!

Breaking free from this enables us to step into Who We Truly Are – divine, creative Beings, able to change our reality, AND the world around us. 

It releases us from the fear we don’t even know we have!

Here’s the steps that any healing journey should include, to get back to your True Self: 

HEAL trauma, your inner child and your masculine/feminine wound.

RELEASE limiting beliefs, karma, patterns and your egoic ‘story’.

FORGIVE yourself, others and ‘the world’, and rescind any contracts.

Here’s the work I do with my clients:

The Healing Path Back To Who You Are

A Transformative Journey To Unveiling Your True Self

The healing path back to who you are

If this sounds like what you need to move you forward, I’d love to invite you to book a 

‘Healing Path Back To Myself’ call with me.

Together we’ll create a crystal clear vision of what stepping into your True Self can look like for you; 

uncover the hidden challenges that are keeping you from doing so; and leave the call renewed, inspired and energised to make it happen.

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WHY Are We Where We Are?

If you think about it, everything about the modern world has been designed to keep our true selves suppressed.

From swaddling a newborn baby who just wants to explore its new world, to injecting it with poison before its immune system is developed; to a school system designed to churn out good little corporate slaves who don’t question anything.

Not to mention parents who are too busy trying to survive in a crazy winner-takes-all system, to give children the love they need!

And once we’re climbing the corporate ladder ourselves – well, our peers, the media and every aspect of our society conspires to keep us small.

Everything is designed to keep us in less-than-optimal health (and dependent on the medical system whose focus is on medicating rather than wellness – MEDICal Doctors learn about MEDICine, not health);

addicted (to virtually anything that will ease the dis-ease inside us);

busy (so we don’t have a moment to connect with ourselves, or to process life from a different perspective);

tired (so the tiny amount of leisure time we do have, is spent on just trying to recuperate);

disconnected from each other (social media, social distancing, wearing masks – think how these cut us off from true connection and deep communication. Even the way we live in the western world keeps us behind high walls, with little sense of community – leaving us with a sense of isolation that’s devastating);

and fearful (fear of survival is one of the biggest, and this is often so subconscious that we don’t realize it’s driving us). 

Humans are the only beings on this planet that have to pay to live here… and it’s designed that way).

We’re forced to spend most of our time and energy on survival.

Even the middle class is mostly no more than one salary away from the pavement.

Is There Hope?

In my training to become a psychotherapist, I discovered something called EPIGENETICS, through the work of Dr. Bruce Lipton and others.

In short, they discovered that raw genetic material will become a certain type of cell, depending on the environment in which it finds itself.

This little fact threw the world of ‘genetic predetermination’ on its head!

Because medical researchers started to see that you don’t have to get cancer/heart disease/etc. etc. just because it ‘runs in the family’.

Your ENVIRONMENT is more deterministic than your GENES (‘epi’ = above).

Then there’s the Adverse Childhood Experiences studies, which show an undeniable correlation between very specific adult-onset illnesses, and equally specific childhood traumas

What constitutes environment?

There are 4 factors that have been determined to have the greatest effect on the wellbeing of a cell (and, funnily enough, a human being). These are:

1.    Nutrition

2.    Chemicals

3.    Electromagnetic frequencies

4.    Emotions

If you think of each of these factors as a ‘soup’ bathing each cell, this will give you a good picture of why each one is so crucial. Research has shown that emotions are one of the most important factors to determining not only our health, but every aspect of our lives.

Why Are EMOTIONS So Important?

Emotions actually have a chemical effect on our bodies. 

Here’s an example you can feel instantly – close your eyes, place your hand on your heart, take 5 or 6 deep breaths, and focus on your heart area. 

Notice a change?

What you’ve just done is send a chemical signal to the adrenal glands, sitting just above your kidneys, to stop producing adrenaline. 

This signals to your body that you’re safe. 

You can feel it instantly. 

But more than that, emotions have been found to be a crucial factor in determining the outcome of our lives

All of our modern-day gurus, like Dr. Joe Dispenza, Gregg Braden, Deepak Chopra and Dr. Bruce Lipton (to name a few), have been telling us that for years.

In my work, I’ve seen it as a complex mixture of beliefs, emotions and thoughts. They’re intertwined – each feeds the other. 

And what affects this the most?

Feelings of connection (or loneliness), community (or isolation) and communication (or aloneness)!

Research by people like Dr. Zach Bush have taken this even further. 

As Zach says in this incredible video, we are all so deeply connected to each other as human beings, that in proximity, we even affect each other’s gene expression. How mind-blowing is that! (Maybe we should be more careful with whom we share bodily fluids!)

Here’s the journey I take my clients on – to get them from turmoil to an inner peace and clarity that ‘passes all understanding’.

It’s a journey of deep healing, to the quantum level.

It liberates them to operate in their True Self…

…and literally changes the outcome of their lives:

The healing path back to who you are

If this resonates, maybe is even what you’ve been longing for, I’d love to invite you to book a 

‘Healing Path Back To Myself’ call with me.

Together we’ll create a crystal clear vision of what stepping into your True Self can look like for you; 

uncover the hidden challenges that are keeping you from doing so; and leave the call renewed, inspired and energised to make it happen.

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Looking forward to helping you find your path back to YOU!

Veronica Haupt

Intuitive Healer & Coach