Veronica Haupt, Holistic Healer

About the Author: Veronica Haupt has combined her many years of knowledge and experience in nutrition, exercise, herbs, study of hidden remedies and emotional healing, to bring holistic solutions to her clients’ health challenges. As a psychotherapist, she understands the connection between trauma and disease, and has often observed that this is the missing link in clients healing from their chronic conditions. She has worked with conditions as diverse as cancer, autoimmune diseases, migraines, asthma, depression, anxiety and more. Her approach is different in that she firmly believes in the terrain model of disease, and not the ‘germ theory’. She has become somewhat of an expert in the terrain model, which underpins all her healing work.

As healthcare practitioners, we’re all seeing COVID-19 jab injuries. Some basic research reveals the experimental nature of these new ‘vaccines’. We literally don’t know how the human body is going to react – and what the long term effects are going to be. But we’re already seeing serious adverse reactions in our clients. 

Because elements of the mRNA ‘vaccine’ are inserted at a genetic level into the cells, this is very likely to cause issues that may only appear down the line. 

The most worrying aspects of this for frontline health practitioners, are the many reports of ‘vaccine shedding’ – that is, symptoms claimed by unvaccinated people who’ve been in contact with those who’ve had the jab. The most common of these symptoms reported so far is skin rashes, migraines, random bruises, nosebleeds, and in women, heavy menstrual bleeding, bleeding while pregnant; even the resumption of periods in menopausal women. There’s talk of adverse effects on fertility, for both men and women, and miscarriages occurring. Even Pfizer’s own documentation mentions the risk of exposure through skin contact or inhalation (you can read more about that, here).

As a frontline practitioner, you may experience inexplicable side-effects following physical contact, or even close proximity to, vaccinated clients. Our own health and immunity become a crucial consideration. Is there anything we can do to protect ourselves? If these jabs are truly gene-altering, is the entire human race at risk? What does it mean for our practices and our clients?

What’s Causing These Fallout Effects?

There are 2 main theories behind the fallout effects on non-jabbed people:

Theory 1

Because the mRNA vaccines instruct our DNA to produce spike proteins, it is these spike proteins that escape and transfect unvaccinated people. Inhaled spike proteins set up an immune-system response in the receptor’s body, which cause the side effects.

Theory 2

The vaccines contain nano-particulates, also known as engineered nanoparticles (ENP’s). These particles act as mini-transmitters of electrical pulses. These electrical impulses emit signals that are disruptive to anyone within range (bear in mind that we have our own electrical circuit running through our body – disruption of this causes known health issues). Some researchers are saying that our DNA strands themselves are being used as EMF transmitters.

What To Do To Protect Yourself

While most of us cannot move to isolated un-vaxxed communities (let’s hope it doesn’t come to this!), we need to do what we can to protect ourselves, while serving our vaccinated clients. Because nobody knows categorically how the jabs work, the solutions I propose below are not guaranteed. However, it’s certainly worth trying them all if you’re regularly exposed to vaccinated people, or have experienced some of the effects.

Diet and Lifestyle

Keep your diet as clean as possible. Eat lots of organic, green leafy and cruciferous vegetables. Exercise; supplement with the B, C and D vitamins. When possible, get direct sunlight on your unprotected skin for 10-30 minutes daily, depending on your skin type. Walk or stand barefoot on the ground every day if you can – even for just 10 minutes. Now is the time to finally release any food, sugar, caffeine, drug or alcohol addictions. Energetically, we can no longer afford these indulgences.

Heavy Metal Detox

Metal acts as an EMF transmitter (see below). 

Avoid wearing metal (like underwire bras); have your old mercury-based fillings removed by a dentist who knows how to do this safely, if you haven’t already done so. Do a heavy metal cleanse with liver support, following this procedure.

Here are some of my favorite substances to do a cleanse, and to incorporate into a detoxing lifestyle:

  • ½ t baking soda, 2-3x a week
  • Chlorella
  • Reishi mushrooms
  • Milk thistle
  • Burdock
  • Natto 
  • Bone broth with a bit of bentonite clay
  • Bentonite clay on its own
  • Activated charcoal
  • Boiled bamboo leaves
  • Crystal energy drops
  • Coriander (cilantro) leaves
  • Glutathione and NAC
  • TUDCA to clear the bile ducts
  • Bio-Chelat® as a supplement
  • DMSO (see below)


Wear black, dark green or dark red crystals (tourmaline, shungite, obsidian; ruby, jasper, agate, garnet; bloodstone, dark nephrite jade, malachite) to create a protective energetic shield. Crystals are well-known for their healing properties. In the case of the vaccine, the darker crystals help you retain your energy, and may help deflect EMF’s (see below).

EMF (Electromagnetic Frequency) Protection

If Theory no. 2 above proves to be correct, this may be one of the most powerful things you can do to protect yourself. We are anyway bombarded by EMF’s from mobile phones and towers, electricity meters, ‘dirty’ electricity and many other sources. Shielding yourself from these, even if Theory 2 above proves to be incorrect, will assist you tremendously. 

Attach EMF (electromagnetic frequency) protection devices to your phone and computer. Surround your home and working space with orgonite, and wear an orgonite pendant. It’s important to wear your pendant against your skin. Orgonite is one of the substances that seems to offer an extraordinary amount of protection against EMF’s. You can either purchase or make small devices to scatter throughout your home. This company has done extensive, multi-year in-field research which you can see here: Orgonise Africa. You can read how to make your own from their site here – once you have sourced the ingredients, it is really easy (I have done it!). If cost is an issue, you can use quartz crystals you find in your garden; or buy and use the dark crystals mentioned above. Orgonite pendants are available from several other online sites in many countries.

Energy Cloaking and Meditations

Do ‘shielding’ and ‘invisibility’ meditations before seeing clients. As practitioners, we are so used to giving out energy. Practice withholding and cloaking your energy. This is challenging, especially if your modality involves using your own energy to help heal your clients. Try to create a bubble of protection around you, across which your clients’ energy fields cannot cross. A very powerful visualisation is the black flame. Visualise drawing your energy field into the flame, before every vaccinated client you treat. When you’re finished seeing clients for the day, release the black flame image and surround yourself with rose or gold light.

Thoughts and Emotions

Remain positive and calm. As you know, our thoughts and emotions have a tremendously powerful effect on our cells. Meditate daily. Keep a tight rein on your thoughts. As soon as you start to feel negative emotions, notice the thought that preceded it. Thoughts are not real. YOU control your thoughts. Use your emotions as a guide for when you slip into ‘stinking thinking’ – and stop the thought. Use a ‘stop tool’ – anything that reminds you to stop the behaviour, like holding your thumb and forefinger together in a circle and saying, ‘stop!’. This will take some practice, but once mastered, will give you power over your thoughts and experience. 

Deal with your own emotional landscape – unresolved childhood trauma, regrets, unforgiveness, bitterness, anger etc. In these challenging times, we need to operate at our highest frequency. Keep reminding yourself, too, that the Universal Love that underpins all life is still there, despite what it may seem.


DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) is a very powerful healing substance that has been kept out of mainstream knowledge for many years. This is my top supplement for vaccine shedding protection. It is a completely natural substance, extracted from trees in the paper-making process. It is made up of carbon, hydrogen, sulfur and oxygen – all molecules already found in the human body. 

Because it is so inexpensive and effective, Big Pharma has done its best to keep it out of mainstream knowledge. You may even struggle to obtain it, in certain countries. It can sometimes be purchased as a ‘solvent’. It works in ways we still don’t fully understand. The properties that may be most useful for protection against vaccine shedding, are:

  • It’s ability to protect DNA from radiation damage
  • It’s ability to assist in protein-folding (which may correct the damage done by ‘spike protein shedding’)
  • It’s transdermal properties and ability to heal bruises and protect cells and tissues from damage
  • It increases the production of whilte blood cells and macrophages, thus boosting the immune system
  • An excellent heavy metal detoxifier as it binds to aluminium, mercury, cadmium, arsenic and nickel
  • Reduces inflammation by affecting inflammatory chemicals
  • Increases delivery of oxygen to the cells

Dosage: 1 teaspoon of 99.9% pharmaceutical grade DMSO a day, taken in half a glass or more of water or juice (it is quite bitter in taste so dilute until you can handle it!). Take one day off every 10 days, or if easier to remember, every weekend. Start with half the dose if your health is not in tip-top condition. Do not use if using any prescription medication or diuretics. Use topically only on clean skin, due to its transdermal properties.

Pine needles. There is talk of the protective properties of pine needle tea (Sumarin is the extract in supplement form), that may halt unnatural spike protein formation. I have not personally tried this. 

Dosage: 1 cup of pine needle tea, 1-3 times daily. As with all herbal products, take a break of 1 out of every 10 days (or on weekends if easier to remember). See what pine trees grow in your area, and check they are safe for ingestion before using. Otherwise, source Sumarin as a supplement.

Ivermectin may also assist by halting unnatural spike protein formation. It has also been approved in some countries as an effective COVID-19 treatment! You will need to find the trade name in your country – do an online search for ‘ivermectin’, and check with a compounding pharmacy if they stock it. Dosage: as per your doctor; usually one tablet once a week.

Chlorine dioxide solution (CDS). While this has long been used to fight viral and other diseases, I believe it’s true benefits are conferred through its oxygen-delivery mechanism. When utilized in the body, it releases an oxygen molecule that is delivered directly to the mitochondria for use. (This is best understood from the Terrain Theory of disease, which is outside the scope of this guide. Download my Terrain Theory Guide here.) 

It has noticeable blood de-clotting effects (see this 4 minute video for more – first 2 minutes). 

CDS is inexpensive and easy to make and has many other benefits that make it well worth getting to know and work with this powerful substance. 

Dosage: You will need to learn about dosage for each condition; once the body is in a healthy state, a maintenance dose of 6 drops, 3x a week. 

GcMAF. Another supplement that corrects mitochondrial dysfunction is GcMAF (Gc protein-derived macrophage-activating factor). It has been useful in autism patients, where increased neural connectivity has been reported. 

Dosage: as per package instructions. 

TMG (trimethylglycine) gives important methyl groups to the body. Methyl groups tag DNA, proteins and amino acids to ensure proper folding and support many other key processes in the body. Because of these properties, TMG may be a useful supplement to take. 

Dosage: as per package instructions.

And of course, don’t take the jabs – even if there’s pressure from everyone around you to do so. We don’t know how important it will be in the months and years to come, to have unvaccinated individuals in the human race. I’m not joking!

I work with alternative health practitioners on a referral basis, for vaccine injuries and other conditions where their clients need a deeper level of support. If you’d like to offer this to your vaxxed clients, let’s chat! Book a call with me directly in my calendar: chat with Veronica 

For more information on how I help people who’ve experienced adverse effects from the COVID-19 jabs, go here.