Meet Veronica Haupt, Intuitive Healer and Love Coach

Know In Your Heart That You Were Meant For More…

More happiness. More fun. More connection.

And more MEANING.

With your wonderful man by your side, to enrich each experience life has to offer! 

And more than that – to, together, change the world in ways that only you as a couple can. 

Maybe you’ve thought your whole life it would happen for you.

Veronica Haupt Intuitive Healer and Love Coach

And somehow, no matter what you’ve tried, it hasn’t.

You’re at that point of giving up.

I’m Veronica Haupt, intuitive healer and love coach. I was just like you.

I had a dream to have an amazing, connected relationship with my Twin Flame.

I knew it was possible to have the relationship of my dreams. Some of my friends were living proof! But it seemed that no matter what I tried, I couldn’t get it right.

I thought I had been the perfect girlfriend and wife. But something I was doing, just wasn’t working.

I started to think I was just one of those people who were destined to be single forever. 

I convinced myself that that was okay, that my life was fulfilled enough without a partner.

But there was still something missing…

And that’s what made me change the direction of my life and go from the high-powered corporate world, to becoming an intuitive healer and love coach, and specialise in helping singles get the shifts and the knowledge they need, to find love.

Along the way, I saw how my successful coaching clients still battled to find quality people to date.

And that’s where I decided to help them.

I’d experienced online dating first-hand. And something about the system just doesn’t gel with me. 

I’d seen how traditional matchmaking worked…and also how it didn’t suit the level of client I worked with.

And I developed the kind of service that I would love to have. One where an intuitive healer and love guide, finds Twin Flame potential matches FOR ME. Now I specialise in helping successful women first to become the best version of themselves they can be; and then to find their amazing match!

And the end of my story? 

My Twin Flame walked into my life without me even looking. He is everything I dreamed of and hoped for – and more. Every day of my life, I am blown away by his awesomeness. We feel like the first people ever to have fallen in love! 

And we are creating magic together, to make the world around us a better place.

It really can happen, and happen for you too. I look forward to helping you on YOUR journey to Twin Flame love! 

As a friend of mine said to me once, “Ronnie, every story has a happy ending. If there’s no happy ending – it’s not the end of the story”!

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