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The world is in turmoil. 

Everything life has been based on up to now, is being shaken to the core.

What is going on? Why are we in this state? Are things ever going to get back to normal?

Wake up humanity!

The truth is we’ve all been lulled to sleep.
We live in a massive illusion.

But now it is time to open our eyes. The lion sleeps no more!

Every one of us is a Being of such tremendous power, love, and joy that the universe danced when we were born!

If every one of us stepped into who we really were, the world would transform into a literal heaven on earth.

There’s a tremendously subversive force that knows that, and fears our awakening.

It’s distorted every single aspect of life. Its primary aim has been to shut down humanity’s awareness of our true spiritual nature. And so it subverted and inverted everything! In the most nefarious ways imaginable. 

If we ‘get’ this, the insanity we’re facing in the world right now will make a lot more sense…

… and without understanding this, we will never fully wake up to what is going on. 

How do we break free from this force and step into Who We Truly Are? 

We become aware of the distortions and inversions.
We reclaim our TRUE spirituality. 
We heal our trauma, false beliefs and repeating patterns.
We define and live our purpose.
We find like-minded people.

We break free and live the life we were meant to…

…right here, right now! 

WAKING UP starts with an inner spiritual journey – a remembering of Who We Are. 

We are not wicked souls that need a saviour to atone for our sins. 
We are not lesser creatures that have to worship (give our life force and energy to) something greater than ourselves. 
Our divine connection is not to some mysterious punisher-god (though these are all great ideas if you want to control people through slavery and guilt).
We are the very essence of the Prime Originator itself!

This battle for humanity’s life force began in the spiritual realm. And this is where it will be won!

To escape the matrix, we simply must see through the Great Deception that has been played on us. Because knowledge is power. If we know the true enemy, we know what to do.

Here are just some of the areas in which we’ve been deceived: 

  • Religion
  • Death
  • Science
  • The earth
  • Money
  • Health
    • Physical
    • Mental/emotional
  • Nutrition
  • Education
  • Family

And more!

Understanding the ways we’ve been deceived, is crucial to our awakening.(Find my videos on Instagram / YouTube / TikTok for more.)

Escaping the matrix is a journey.

If you’re paying attention, you will know that we are in the middle of a great civilizational collapse. Not only has this been planned for humanity (we have hints in the UN’s Agenda 21, the coming Sustainable Development Goals (more planned restrictions that will make the plandemic look like a picnic), the Georgia Guidestones that speak about a global population of just 500 million people, and more – but from a ‘systems’ perspective, it is inevitable. Every class-based society throughout history has always collapsed (and there’s been at least 26 recorded ones!). And what always happens when the signs of collapse are there, is that the elite class make a grab for the last remaining resources (see more here). 

Most people are completely unaware of these things. They believe that the ‘virus’ is going to be beaten, and that we will soon be getting back to ‘normal’. 

Many may see through the plandemic, but believe that a ‘savior’ in one form or another is going to help us.

The good news is that yes, societies collapse. But out of the ashes, something new always arises. In my view, this is our chance to create ‘heaven on earth’ – a new form of society that isn’t class-based, and doesn’t rely on fiat currency that would just perpetuate the cycle.

But to do this, we have to be ready. I’ve put together a guide of the steps that have worked for my family and I. It’s a blend of an inner journey of awakening, and practical steps you can take to be part of the emergent society. 

If you see what’s coming in the planned future of humanity, and you aren’t relying on a savior to rescue you; if you’ve got courage and a sense of adventure – this may be just what you’ve been looking for. It will be the most exciting journey of your life – your very own Hero’s Journey. It can take you from being stuck in the current paradigm, with increasingly restrictive control over every aspect of your life – to an unimaginably free and exciting life!

Free From The Matrix


Inner Guidance

Inner Guidance

Who, or what, is the REAL guiding force in our lives? Can we tune into this? If so, how – and how do we know it is real? With so much confusion about spirituality, how do we know what to trust? 

Do: Gain insight into the depth of the deception, and how this has affected and shut down you as a spiritual being. Get in touch with Who You Are and live in a state of joy, peace and bliss instead of anger, strife and defensiveness.  

My Life Story

My Life Story

Most people have a ‘what the heck!?!’ feeling about their life. There’s been so much trauma, drama, wrong turns and diversions that we start to wonder if there’s any meaning to it all! Discovering your life story means putting all the pieces of your life puzzle together. 

Do: Gain absolute clarity on how everything you’ve been through has completely served you. Become grateful for it all. Lose all resentments, bitterness and anger towards anyone and every situation. 

My Purpose

My Purpose

Why are you here? Why did your soul choose to come back to the world at this very time? If you had to step into your purpose, what would that look like? Why is it so important to find, and live, your purpose?

Do: Discover your own personal, clearly defined purpose – that thing that when you’re doing, feels like you’re walking your destiny. Once you have it, everything you need to fulfill that purpose starts to come to you – rather than you having to chase it! Fear and doubt disappear, replaced by a deep and absolute sense of knowing. This is also crucial to know when stepping into a new society. There will be so much opportunity for doing what you love, that it would bode you well to have absolute clarity on what that is! And if you’re older, this means transferring your knowledge and wisdom to younger generations. What an opportunity!




Every one of us has experienced trauma in our lives. From this trauma stems our beliefs and fears – and it’s these that hold us back! The journey to true freedom starts with clearing all your life trauma, hurt, bitterness, jealousy, anger etc. 

Do: Through clearing your trauma, achieve a level of peace you never knew was possible. Stop any cycles of repeating relationship and life patterns that have been keeping you trapped. Lose the need for your addictions and co-dependencies! Otherwise you take these with you, and repeat the patterns of the past.



We hold beliefs in 3 major areas of life: beliefs about ourselves, about others, and about the world. Beliefs are so powerful because they create our reality. That’s why the Great Deception is aimed so much at hijacking our belief system. Not just on a spiritual level, but about everything

Do: Unpack and overcome any beliefs that are still holding you back – both from stepping into your purpose, and embracing a life outside the matrix. Make sure to cover every area of life: spiritual, death, science, money, health, nutrition, education, etc.

A sign of you overcoming your beliefs is that you step into a level of internal freedom, peace and clarity you’ve never before experienced. You also become open to alternative forms of living that actually serve you!



As withdrawing from the matrix becomes a real possibility, you will potentially need to face some fears! This is normal – but you do need to overcome them. Our basic human fears are fear of abandonment (fear of death being the ultimate expression of this fear), fear of betrayal and fear of not being loved. These show up in not being able to move forward, in wanting to stay where you are because, even though you can see it’s not working, you feel ‘safe’. 

Do: Dig deep and admit to your fears – and conquer them. Start to live fearlessly, with a deep sense of inner knowing and confidence. Follow your heart. Trust that deep, inner knowing!


First Things First

First Things First

If you’re serious about withdrawing your energy from the matrix, what can you do? What about your investments, your job, your house, your family, your LIFE? 

Do: Get absolute clarity on the most important, first things to do to practically start to extract yourself from the current system. There are many who’ve done this before you. They can lead and guide you on what makes sense for your particular circumstances. 

Join a “Parallel Society”

Parallel Society

You’re not in this alone! All over the world, parallel, under-the-radar societies are forming. These are people who have discovered that trying to change a broken system, is a monumental waste of time and energy. Rather, they’re creating new systems, free of the issues of the old. Find these communities, so you can know exactly what you need to do – and potential pitfalls! – before you make the leap. No, you won’t need to become a farmer (unless you want to)! Your exact skills and talents will be needed. Or for those pioneer souls, create one right where you are. 

Do: Have a solid plan for withdrawing your energy from the current system, and stepping into a new paradigm.

Ongoing Guidance 

Ongoing Guidance

As you step forward into true freedom, there may be times when you need clarity, perspective or just a sounding board. Someone who’s already done it and can give you ongoing check-ins and guidance, will give you the confidence to DO it, rather than just wish you could.

Do: Make sure you are supported every step of the way on your path to creating heaven on earth – right where you are! Find these wise trailblazers. As we move forward, more and more of these will arise!

If you’d like some help on this journey, reach out! I offer a 12-week journey, taking people through these steps and helping them find communities to plug into. Or come and join ours, here in South Africa! 

Why would you work with me? 

Because some aspects of this journey are extremely difficult to do alone. My specialty is helping people piece together the story of their lives in a way that makes sense, to heal from childhood trauma that causes repeating relationship patterns and disease, to overcome the beliefs and fears that actually run their lives, and to help them access their TRUE spirituality – I’ve been doing this for years. And of course, I’m right in the trenches, creating a parallel society! 

If that makes sense and resonates with you, you’re absolutely welcome to book a call with me to discuss potentially working together, or even just to ask me any questions you may have about your own journey. I’d love to help you in any way I can!

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