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Flourishing Relationships

What I discovered in my years as a love coach and working with matchmakers and date coaches, is that finding the love of your life has very little to do with ‘meeting the right person’.

What I found is that, if you do your OWN inner healing, you will automatically attract the person who is 100% right for you – WITHOUT having to use a matchmaker or do online dating. (Yes, a bit of knowledge about how the opposite sex thinks and behaves can’t hurt!)

I also find that many people are so concerned with finding Mr. or Ms. Right, that they don’t learn anything about how to sustain a flourishing love relationship – once the vows are made. This is the next most important thing to get right, after you’ve done your own inner healing. Because this is what ensures the ‘happy ever after’ once you’ve met your love partner. 

There are a few basic things to get right in relationship with others (not just your love partner) – and yet these are never taught us! Know these, and relationships become easy. You can spend your time in joyful, blissful communion with your partner – instead of fighting the traditional ‘battle of the sexes’. 

Here’s the coaching journey I do with my clients:

If you’re currently in a relationship that just isn’t working, and you’re thinking of separating – my mini relationship course may be just the thing you need to turn everything around. It covers things like:

  • The 2 essential keys to a successful relationship
  • Communication – when you need it, it doesn’t work! – and what to do instead.
  • Moods, the key to understanding your partner
  • Emotions – master or servant?
  • Compassion or resentment?
  • Dissatisfaction
  • True happiness
  • Can people really change?
  • Bring out the best in your partner
  • Transcend problems instead of ‘dealing with’ them
  • Should healthy couples fight?
  • What happens after the excitement fades
  • Intimacy – what is it and how to get it
  • Commitment – self-sacrifice or self-serving?

To find out if any of these are right for you, you’re welcome to book a complimentary consultation with me.

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The Joy Queen - Veronica Haupt