Chlorine Dioxide Solution

Chlorine Dioxide Solution

Chlorine dioxide solution (CDS) has almost miraculous effects on human health. Because of this, and because it is so cheap, it is vilified by mainstream medicine. Big Pharma has done its best to label this as ‘toxic bleach’ -in fact, a massive smear campaign has been launched against CDS! Don’t let this put you off using this very powerful healing substance.

I believe that its action in the body is not well understood. Most practitioners working with CDS believe that it destroys harmful pathogens. As a practitioner that works from the perspective of the ‘terrain’ model of disease and not the germ theory, I know that there must be more going on!

I believe that CDS’s function of delivering oxygen to the mitochondria in our cells, is actually its most important effect in the body. Any toxins, even EMF’s, decrease the oxygen to our mitochondria. Increasing this assists the cells to do their job, deep down at the cellular level. They are then able to do the job of detoxing, repair and all the other functions, that much better! 

The range of diseases people have successfully treated with CDS are quite remarkable. These include cancer, malaria, autism, COVID-19, infections, fibromyalgia, gallbladder issues, and many, many more. It is like a ‘hospital in a bottle’! (Actually, 2 bottles, as you have to mix it.) 

CDS is demonstrated to have a powerful effect on the blood. It reoxygenates the blood, allowing it to flow freely. This is important in vaccine injury as many people have reported blood clotting. Watch this video to see the effect of CDS on the blood: The effects of Chlorine Dioxide solution on human blood

There is a ton of information on how to make and use CDS online, which I won’t repeat here. If you are on my vaccine injury protocol, I will help you to source it in your country (it is not always easy to obtain), and assist you on how to use it for your specific vaccine injury. 

In short, however, you will need to take 6-8 doses of 3 drops of activated CDS in half a glass of water, throughout the day. Add 3 drops per dose of full-strength DMSO. Depending on your symptoms, we may combine it with DMSO for skin rashes. We generally work up to these levels. The taste can be quite challenging for some, and it can make you nauseous. A sniff of peppermint oil or a slice of apple after the drink, helps this. You will need to take it away from any form of vitamin C or other antioxidants, as these neutralize its effect. The protocol is for 3 weeks, with an ongoing maintenance dose of 6 drops, 3x a week. 

I believe that CDS and DMSO are going to help many people recover from vaccine adverse effects.