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About The Joy Queen

Who am I and why am I here?

These are the questions I have often asked myself – and when the world started going completely insane in 2019, it started to make sense. Here’s a bit about me and how I came to be doing what I am!

In 2015, a chance opportunity (well, nothing’s ever by chance, is it!) led me to leaving the corporate world, and training as a psychotherapist.

My marriage had just come to an end. A lucrative work contract wasn’t renewed. And a friend and mentor invited me to do a training program in an alternative form of healing called ‘Emotional Freedom Technique’ (EFT). I decided, ‘why not?’ Maybe it would help me get to the bottom of why my marriage had failed! EFT is very good at finding root causes of issues, at healing trauma and at changing subconscious patterns. 

I started the program. And something told me to keep going, through all the levels. Then that same ‘little voice’ prompted me to do the casework, write the exams and get my qualification. 

Here I was, a successful corporate gal, studying psychotherapy! It was really scary to not rush back to another work contract, and start a practice instead. Though I kinda felt I had no option… when that ‘still small voice’ speaks, it can be pretty compelling!

(Since then, I have up-levelled my skills by working directly with the original founder of EFT, Gary Craig. He’s taken the field so much further – into the quantum field of healing. No more ‘tapping’!)

During my studies, the most amazing thing happened. As part of my training, of course we had to work on our own issues. I worked mostly with a beautiful lady called Katie (who became one of my dearest friends). After just a few sessions of practicing our budding healing skills on each other, it happened. The dark cloud I had been living under for so many years that it was my ‘normal’, disappeared! I literally woke up one morning, feeling different. Very different! 

The amazing thing was, it didn’t change the next day, or the next. Eventually I realised that my new, light and joyful state of mind, was here to stay. And it did! The depression I didn’t even know I had, was gone – for good. Oh, and together, we also healed the asthma I’d had since I was a child! This was healing so powerful – like nothing I’d ever heard of or experienced. If I needed any more convincing to trust that small, inner voice, this was it!

Quantum Healing

After I qualified, I worked as a psychotherapist for a matchmaker and a love coach, helping their clients become relationship-ready by healing from trauma and overcoming their relationship patterns. I also spent some time as a love coach myself, and worked with many clients to heal their depression and anxiety. 

But there was always a niggling voice in the back of my head. ‘This isn’t it. Whatever I am meant to be doing is still coming…’ 

And then 2019 happened – and the world went crazy.
Out of this, not only did my brother and I start a movement to help save our country, but I realised just how I’ve been prepared for just this time – to help people step into the roles THEY came back to do.

Thank you for being here, and I look forward to our paths crossing! 

Much love!

Veronica Haupt The Joy Queen
Veronica Haupt

The Joy Queen!


Kind words others have said

“Thank you so much Veronica. Something really shifted for me yesterday and later on when I was journalling I had so many insights. I really feel like now I can move to a higher energy level and I don’t have to play the victim or feel like a victim any more…”

I don’t feel like a victim any more

— Thembani M, 37

“I have learnt so much and grown as a person – it wasn’t always easy but Veronica is there every step of the way. I am a happier and emotionally lighter version of the old me, improved and I will continue to grow all because of the tools Veronica has shared with me and honestly I’m a little sad the course is done!”

I am emotionally lighter

— Candice S, 35