veronica haupt



Veronica offers onsite (in Gauteng) trauma counselling for victims of robberies, hijacks and any traumatic event employees may experience. Sessions can take place over Zoom if needed. Results are quick – usually 3-5 sessions are all that are needed to reduce the emotional trauma, and give the victims tools for ongoing self-management.


Anxiety And Depression


Veronica has developed a form of treating anxiety and depression which gets her clients symptom-free, and living a life of joy and fulfilment – in a very short space of time. It is a full program that quickly identifies the root causes of the anxiety or depression – and solves them. For more on the Depression Protocol™, please contact her


Mental Wellbeing Assessment And Solutions


Mental and emotional wellness in the workplace is often about prevention rather than cure! Veronica has developed a unique assessment which determines whether employees are at risk for future mental wellbeing issues. Individuals can then access a series of programs to deal with these issues before they become a hindrance in their lives. For more on this please contact her

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