Veronica Haupt – Intuitive Healer

Hi, I’m Veronica Haupt. Probably just like you, I spent a large portion of my life searching and seeking to try to find my True Self. All along, buying into the story that I’m damaged, not good enough, just not quite able to achieve my dreams.

That led me (eventually!) to my own journey of deep healing. Through this, I got to discover Who I Am and what I’m here for. What a ride it’s been!

My wish for every human in the universe is to heal. Because we all need to, on some level! And no, the process doesn’t have to be difficult, painful or protracted! 

The results of inner healing are profound.
Peace, joy, connection, contentment!
And underneath the layers, you will not only find your own meaning and purpose, but be able to step into it – fully and confidently.

Discover how I can help you on your journey…

A deep healing

Unlock your
blocks to love

Fall in love with
your partner again

What others say

A small selection of kind words others have said after working with me.

Michael Haupt

There are 3 reasons you should work with Veronica:

  1. Because she’s my sister and I’m biased
  2. Because she achieves miraculous shifts in a remarkably short time
  3. Because humanity’s grand challenges will not be solved without the kind of shifts she can achieve.

Irina W

Working with wonderful Veronica was a great journey for me. I came to her with big challenges like grudges, low self-esteem and limited beliefs. With very easy and comfortable techniques, Veronica helped me to connect to my feelings, to forgive others, and start to think in a new way…

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