I specialize in diagnozing the ACTUAL root causes of  depression – and then FIXING THESE, so my clients can stop struggling, conquer their depression – and live the life they were meant to.

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  • You suffer from chronic depression and want to recover PERMANENTLY 
  • You know antidepressants aren't the solution, because they just control symptoms - they don't HEAL depression
  • Therapy hasn't worked to clear your depression fast and forever
  • You are looking for a solution that REALLY WORKS - and works fast

“I felt extremely stuck, riddled with bad memories that haunted and affected me from my childhood. I was extremely anxious and depressed and knew no tools on how to help myself without running to the medical field.


As I started working with you, I could feel a change and that I was in control of my own life, mind and destiny.


My panic attacks are gone and will never be a fear of mine again…


I’ve learned lifelong techniques that you’ve taught me… when everything starts to feel overwhelming I go back to the techniques … and I can find peace within myself so quickly again.


It felt like being unlocked from a tiny prison for the first time in years! I felt freedom and confident and self-worth.”


– Natasha O – severe depression and anxiety

What's It Like To Work With Me?


My Speciality Is:

  • Diagnosing The Actual Root Causes Of Your Depression - both PHYSICAL and EMOTIONAL
  • Addressing the physical factors with you - including chemical, dietary and lifestyle
  • Healing emotional causes, using an advanced form of healing called Energy Psychology 

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Depression-Free In 30 Days*

*Depending on your personal root causes and adherence to the program

Hi, I'm Veronica Haupt, 

Depression Specialist and Transformational Coach